Going For A Spin: News About Car Parts And Suppliers

Going For A Spin: News About Car Parts And Suppliers

How to Choose the Best Material for Your Car's Brake Pads

by Gladys Bailey

When your car or truck needs new brakes, you may trust a mechanic to make the decision for you when it comes to the materials of the brakes, or may simply choose the cheapest option. However, it can be good to do a bit of research on the best type of material used for making braking parts, as not all brake pads are alike. Opting for a certain material can mean a longer lifespan and even better stopping for your car or truck. Note a few tips on how to choose the best material for your brakes.

1. Organic pads

Organic pads use an organic material in the binders that make up the brake pad material. They will have the smallest amount of metal in their materials; this can mean a quieter operation when you use the brakes. Because there is less metal-to-metal contact with the rotors, organic pads can also mean a longer lifespan for the car's rotors.

2. Semi-metallic pads

These pads will have a semi-metallic element mixed in with the resin that makes the brake material, and they may offer the most stopping power. Semi-metallic pads are good for heavier trucks, towing, recreational vehicles, racing, and for any vehicle or driving condition where stopping means extra weight on the brake pads. Their performance is actually improved in higher heats; as the pads warm up, their grip actually becomes better.

3. Ceramic pads

Ceramic elements are added to the binders of ceramic pads, and these may be good for lower temperature conditions, including lighter cars or lightweight trucks. They offer stable gripping in a variety of driving conditions, including wet roads, snow, and the like. You may notice a more constant, consistent feeling on the pedal when you use ceramic pads, and they too will avoid much of the metal-to-metal contact that wears down rotors. Since they don't disperse heat very well, they may overheat easily and then cause damage to other brake components and parts.

4. Metallic pads

Full metallic pads are usually made of steel and don't have any synthetic materials. They are very durable but can wear down rotors more quickly than other materials. They may also be noisier than other braking materials, so they're not good for when you want a quiet ride. However, their durability and strength makes them a good choice for racing and other conditions when brakes suffer high amounts of excessive wear and tear.

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Going For A Spin: News About Car Parts And Suppliers

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