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Prepping your travel trailer for a road trip

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A travel trailer creates a good opportunity to travel around or head off to a thrilling camping adventure. It’s the perfect tool to keep you feeling at home even in the depths of forests. However, before going on that long awaited road trip. You need to take care of a couple of things. Your vehicle needs to be in the perfect shape for any long travels. Don’t rev up your engine before you knock these points off your checklist. Inspect your windows and doors  The windows and doors are an important part of the trailer. When in poor condition, the windows leak air, and that can lead to energy losses. It’ll also be pretty uncomfortable if air constantly strikes your face when on your road trip. That’s why you need to have windows that insulate you comprehensively. Inspect the sheeting on the windows for any damage. Heavy-duty, double-sided tape can cement the sheeting. Also get some foam material to seal the space between the glass and sheeting. Doors can pose a safety hazard and open up in the middle of the trip if they are not in good shape. The door needs to be sturdy and not creak or have any slight motions when closed. If you’re in doubt, you can have it replaced in a reputable auto parts store. Check the shocks and struts If your travel trailer has got a lot of mileage on it, then you need to get under the body of your vehicle too. Shocks and struts are parts of the suspension responsible for guarding against damage caused by bumps and uneven road surfaces. They also assist in keeping the vehicle steady, and having them in good condition will keep your tyres in better condition. If your tyres are wearing out on one side, or you keep on losing control when braking or accelerating, then your shocks are to blame. Consult a reputable auto shop for the best shocks for your vehicle. Some are meant for lighter trailers, and you may be carrying far heavier loads than your stock shocks can handle. Ensure the couplings are tight You don’t want your trailer to detach when travelling on a highway. That’s why inspecting your fastenings needs to be done to the letter. If the couplings look rusty, then replace them immediately. You could also inspect the condition of your fasteners by taking your trailer for a test drive around your neighbourhood and then confirming if any bolts or screws have loosened...

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4 Advantages of a Diesel Engine for Your Vehicle

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Before you buy any new vehicle, you want to consider if a diesel engine might be the best choice under the hood. Even for family sedans and smaller cars, diesel can be a better option for a variety of reasons. Note a few of those reasons here and then discuss this choice with a dealer so you can make the right investment for your next vehicle.  1. Better gas mileage A diesel engine is able to convert more heat into power than a standard petrol engine, so it offers better gas mileage since it is running more efficiently. This is very important for those who want to save money at the pump however possible, or who may already be spending quite a bit on gas with a heavier, larger vehicle or because of towing something. 2. More pickup Unlike a petrol engine, a diesel engine doesn’t get its power from faster revolutions of the engine’s pistons. Because diesel engines convert heat to power, they offer better pickup when you’re idling. This can be important for heavier vehicles and for when you’re towing something behind you, as you may need this added power to keep your vehicle from behind bogged down and hesitating when you try to accelerate. You may also simply like the added pickup for city driving when you can quickly get through lights or traffic without having to rev your engine and cause it excessive wear and tear. 3. Less wear and tear Speaking of wear and tear on an engine, diesel engines actually burn cooler than petrol engines. Heat from an engine causes corrosion and excessive wear on your vehicle’s engine, so a diesel engine may need fewer repairs and may also last longer than a petrol engine because of not running as hot. 4. Higher torque Torque refers to the force needed to make an object spin, and diesel engines have a higher torque than standard petrol engines. This makes them stronger overall. Horsepower refers to how fast an engine can go, but horsepower won’t help you when you’re towing something or for when you want to drive a heavier, larger vehicle. The added strength of a diesel engine can mean being able to more readily haul or tow something without the vehicle being weighed down; this is especially important if you need to haul something uphill or over soft dirt, muddy roads, and other such conditions when more power will help get you through...

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Your Solution to Ground Clearance Problems on an Off-road Drive

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If you have a vehicle with a short ground clearance, driving off-road can be hectic and easily damage your car. You have to drive slowly as you manoeuvre through the irregular road surface otherwise you risk puncturing some parts such as the exhaust pipe and the fuel tank. Thankfully, you can prevent the damage by changing your car’s suspension and increase its height. This will not only protect the car but also enable you to manoeuvre through the road faster. There are many ways of increasing your car’s ground clearance. The following are a few of the alternatives: Spring Adjustment Some cars have a custom low height because of the springs used by the manufacturers. They work well on tarmacked and paved surfaces, but you will find it difficult when you go off-road. To raise the car’s ground clearance, you can buy a set of new springs that are longer than the ones used by the manufacturers. Longer springs will help you increase the elevation of the undercarriage, protecting the parts underneath the car’s frame. Body Lift and Bigger Tyres If you want to go for both spacing and symmetry between the wheels and the body of the car, then a body lift is the ideal alternative. Blocks of polyurethane or rubber are used to increase the height between the body of the car and its frame uniformly. The additional space allows you to use bigger tyres, raising the overall ground clearance of the car by a few inches. One reason you would opt for a body lift is that the method allows the car’s suspension to maintain its position, meaning that you can retain the manufacturer’s suspension system while still enjoying better elevation. This is unlike spring adjustment. Suspension Lifts Suspension lifts use hydraulic or air systems to help increase the height of the car. When you raise a car by a few inches, it can behave differently because of new balance needs. Essentially, suspension lifts are used to do an overhaul of the whole suspension system, which allows extensive fine-tuning to meet the specific balancing demands of the elevated car. For example, the springs can be changed, and installed alongside a custom set of shock absorbers and rubber blocks to meet the specific balancing needs on each wheel. In this method, both the frame and the body of the car are elevated. In addition, the customisations ensure that both elevation and improved performance are attained. Suspension lifts are the most preferable of the three alternatives. Even though they may be more expensive compared to body lifts and spring replacement, there are numerous customisations done to suit the specific needs of your car. Visit Wilkinson Suspension Centre for more...

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How to Choose the Best Material for Your Car’s Brake Pads

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When your car or truck needs new brakes, you may trust a mechanic to make the decision for you when it comes to the materials of the brakes, or may simply choose the cheapest option. However, it can be good to do a bit of research on the best type of material used for making braking parts, as not all brake pads are alike. Opting for a certain material can mean a longer lifespan and even better stopping for your car or truck. Note a few tips on how to choose the best material for your brakes. 1. Organic pads Organic pads use an organic material in the binders that make up the brake pad material. They will have the smallest amount of metal in their materials; this can mean a quieter operation when you use the brakes. Because there is less metal-to-metal contact with the rotors, organic pads can also mean a longer lifespan for the car’s rotors. 2. Semi-metallic pads These pads will have a semi-metallic element mixed in with the resin that makes the brake material, and they may offer the most stopping power. Semi-metallic pads are good for heavier trucks, towing, recreational vehicles, racing, and for any vehicle or driving condition where stopping means extra weight on the brake pads. Their performance is actually improved in higher heats; as the pads warm up, their grip actually becomes better. 3. Ceramic pads Ceramic elements are added to the binders of ceramic pads, and these may be good for lower temperature conditions, including lighter cars or lightweight trucks. They offer stable gripping in a variety of driving conditions, including wet roads, snow, and the like. You may notice a more constant, consistent feeling on the pedal when you use ceramic pads, and they too will avoid much of the metal-to-metal contact that wears down rotors. Since they don’t disperse heat very well, they may overheat easily and then cause damage to other brake components and parts. 4. Metallic pads Full metallic pads are usually made of steel and don’t have any synthetic materials. They are very durable but can wear down rotors more quickly than other materials. They may also be noisier than other braking materials, so they’re not good for when you want a quiet ride. However, their durability and strength makes them a good choice for racing and other conditions when brakes suffer high amounts of excessive wear and tear. For assistance, talk to a professional like Stopmaster Brake Service Pty...

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