Going For A Spin: News About Car Parts And Suppliers

Going For A Spin: News About Car Parts And Suppliers

Some Basic Turbo Accessories You Might Need for Your Car

by Gladys Bailey

Adding a turbo booster to your car's engine can be a great way of increasing its overall performance and speed, and especially its takeoff from a full stop. Turbo boosters are also commonly added to diesel engines, as diesel engines are known for their strength and not their speed.

While the booster alone can be sufficient for improving the overall performance of your vehicle, you might note a few added turbo accessories that can help in boosting the performance of your car or truck, and reduce wear on the engine. This will ensure the turbo booster works as it should and that your engine is protected while performing at its peak.

Fuel pressure regulator

The fuel pump isn't just a plain pump, but this piece has a sensor that interacts with the gas pedal, regulating the amount of fuel that gets sent to the engine in order to increase its speed as you press on that pedal. The fuel that comes from this pump will obviously fluctuate, depending on the pressure on the gas pedal, current speed of the engine, amount of oxygen in the engine, and other such factors.

An upgraded fuel pressure regulator might be added to the fuel pump, to ensure that fuel pressure is constant, even when it fluctuates from the fuel pump. This will ensure the engine always has the fuel it needs to support the compressed air coming from the turbo booster, and that it will then be able to support healthy combustion.


An intercooler allows heat to escape the turbo booster before the air that it compresses enters the engine. This can also regulate combustion, and reduce wear and tear on the engine. This can be especially important for diesel engines with a turbo boosters, as these engines may tend to run hotter than standard petrol engines.

Manual boost controllers

A manual boost controller allows you to control the turbo booster yourself, with a switch that is mounted to the dashboard. This offers more predictable performance from your vehicle, as you engage the turbo booster when needed.

These controllers can also be fitted with special gauges so that you can monitor the engine's temperature more precisely, also reducing wear and tear on the engine itself. A temperature gauge allows you to ease up on gas when the engine becomes exceedingly hot, so you get greater performance from your engine when needed, while still protecting your engine when you don't need that added boost.


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Going For A Spin: News About Car Parts And Suppliers

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